KBB Instant Cash Offer at Premier Autos of Dallas

Premier Autos of Dallas wants to help you get the most money for your trade-in with the KBB Instant Cash Offer. We strive to offer you the most for your vehicle trade-in so you can use the money as a down payment on one of our fabulous models. We feature a large variety of models, from stately sedans to adventurous SUVs, and even a large inventory of pickup trucks. With a good deal on a trade-in, you can afford your dream vehicle right here in Dallas, TX.

Why Should You Use Your Vehicle As A Trade-In?

Trading your vehicle in for a newer model makes sense for several reasons. For one thing, you don't have to find a buyer willing to pay the value of the vehicle. Instead of sitting and waiting for your vehicle to get sold, you can bring it to Premier Autos of Dallas and know what it's worth.

We offer the value of the vehicle based on condition and mileage regardless of which model you choose to buy. Our instant cash offer stays the same no matter what you decide to do about buying another vehicle. You can decide to keep the cash or use your trade-in towards financing a used vehicle from Premier Autos of Dallas.

Find Out The Value of Your Vehicle Online

Visit our website and tell us about your car. If you have your VIN or license plate number, we can give you a more accurate offer. Once you've provided information about your car, we'll provide an instant cash offer, which is good for seven days.

Bring your vehicle to Premier Autos of Dallas along with the offer. Once we inspect your vehicle, we'll verify the offer and give you the cash. It doesn't matter whether you're trading in the vehicle or just selling it outright. We provide the same cash offer based on value.

Your offer will be based on the appearance and condition of the vehicle as well as the demand in the market for your make and model.

If you want a fair deal on your current vehicle, let Premier Autos of Dallas provide you with a KBB Instant Cash Offer.

Apply for Financing at Premier Autos of Dallas

Another step you can take after valuing your trade-in is to start filling out our online finance application. With the exact trade-in value, you can more accurately estimate your buying power of a used vehicle from Premier Autos of Dallas. Once we have received your complete finance application, our sales team can help you find the perfect vehicle that fits your budget.


Drivers from Dallas & Austin can stop in or call us today or go online to fill out the information on your vehicle. Don't settle for less than what your car is worth! See how Premier Autos of Dallas in Addison, TX can give you top-dollar for your trade-in today!