Used Ford Explorer For Sale Near Dallas, TX

2022 Ford Explorer For Sale in Dallas, TX 

Used Ford Explorer For Sale At Premier Autos Of Dallas

Ford Explorers have been a favorite among SUV drivers for years. This larger SUV started out as a two-door compact SUV before growing into a midsize SUV, and finally morphing into the modern crossover SUV we love today. Since the beginning of its production in 1990, the Explorer has been recognized for its style, comfort, and capability.  When you're looking for a used Ford Explorer for sale in Dallas, TX, stop in and check out our inventory at Premier Autos of Dallas.

History of The Ford Explorer

The first generation of the Ford Explorer was announced to the market in 1991, and from there more generations were released in 1995, 2002, and 2006 with the fifth generation distributed in 2011. The first Explorer V-8 debuted in 1996 and was paired with all-wheel drive. Throughout the years, Ford made changes to each generation, like increasing the number of passengers the Explorer seats from five to seven in 2002. During this year, the Ford Explorer gained an impressive new array of safety features included in the model, like AdvanceTrac stability control.  In 2011, the Explorer became more refined than previous models, with styling shifting from a traditional SUV to a more modern body shape. The most significant change to the physical appearance of the Explorer happened in 2016. From there the Ford Explorer kept its modern looks, while making smaller changes to the exterior, and adding even more technology than ever before for connectivity and safety.

Why Purchase a Ford Explorer?

Ford has always been praised for the attractiveness of its vehicles, and that goes for the Explorer as well. The Ford Explorer shows off its luxury from the outside in, with distinct and stylish features. There is never a lack of space inside the Explorer, whether you choose the five-seater, or the seven, adults and children alike can enjoy large amounts of head and legroom. Explorers are also known for their abundant amounts of cargo space as well. Depending on which used model you choose, one row or all rows can fold down for extra cargo space. Ford didn't name this SUV an Explorer for anything, its off-road capabilities can be compared to those of a truck, so getting around on any terrain is no problem for the Explorer.

Used Ford Explorer in Dallas, TX

When you're considering buying a used Ford Explorer in Austin, there are many good things to keep in mind. First, Explorers are great in value and easy to maintain when it comes to routine maintenance. Explorers also have many different models and trims to choose from, with all the bells and whistles to off-road powerhouses. You could end up saving money and staying within your budget when you decide to buy used. Our used inventory has been thoroughly inspected before being placed on our lot. We also provide our drivers with limited warranties on all of your used vehicle inventory, to ensure your Explorer is well-taken care of. Used Ford Explorers are a great investment for both you and your family.


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