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Mercedes-Benz - The Original Luxury Brand

Long recognized as the epitome of luxury, Mercedes-Benz continues to travel to new heights on creating the ultimate in luxury cars. The company stands out from the competition by its longevity and continued appeal and relevance to modern buyers. Experience, dedication to excellence, and longstanding history have built a brand that is not just recognizable but adored.

The History of Mercedes-Benz

The history that would become the Mercedes-Benz empire began with the development of an engine back in the late 1880s by Gottlieb Daimler. At the same time, Carl Benz begins building companies that focus on engines for stationary use and vehicles. In the early 1920s, a new company is formed, Daimler-Benz AG Company. William Maybach also played a key role in the development of the brand by developing vehicles with his name which have now become legends.

Benz applied for a patent in 1886 for the Patent-Motorwagen, which is recognized as the first automobile. It was his wife, Bertha Benz, who undertook the first long-distance trip in a motorized vehicle at 100 km. That trip drew enough attention to get critics to take notice.

The first Mercedes was developed in 1901 which offered 35 horsepower and stood out from other models at the time and has been hailed as the first modern automobile. The Daimler and Benz companies merged in 1926 and the three-dimensional star became the logo of the new company.

The Brand

The star has become a symbol of more than just a car manufacturer. It's synonymous with quality, innovation, safety, and tradition. It blends the history of the automobile with the future of technology and design.

Mercedes-Benz continues to pave the way in the automotive industry with the introduction of several technologies that have expanded to other companies, including the crumple zone introduced in 1959 and PRE-SAFE braking in 2002.

The company currently has a wide range of models to appeal to every kind of driver. For those who prefer the convenience and luxury in a sedan, they find numerous options to choose from, including the A-Class, C-Class, S-Class, and E-Class Sedan as well as the Mercedes-Maybach. Mercedes-Benz proves luxury is attainable in an SUV with the GLA, GLE, and GLC, among other models.

For the ultimate car enthusiast, they are sure to find the convertible and roadster category at Mercedes-Benz quite appealing. They can choose from models like the C-Class Cabriolet and SLC Roadster for the ultimate in performance without sacrificing luxury.

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Used Inventory At Premier Autos Of Dallas

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Reasons To Buy Used

A used vehicle can be a great deal if you're looking to save money and still have reliable transportation. Used models are often much cheaper than the new version because you don't have to pay for depreciation.

Another reason to buy used is that you can afford a higher-end model than what would fit into your budget if it were new. Choose the top trim level with all the bells and whistles at a price you can afford. Many used vehicles come with packages included in the price that would be additional if you were buying a brand-new model.

Your payments are often lower with a pre-owned model as well. If you have a tighter budget, buying a used car can allow you to drive a newer vehicle without spending as much on monthly payments.

Here at Premier Autos of Dallas, you'll find numerous options in our inventory to fit your needs. Many of our models are only a year or two old, which gives you the feeling of driving a new car without the new sticker price.

Financing Your Used Vehicle

You can afford a quality used sedan, family SUV, or heavy-duty pickup at Premier Autos of Dallas. We offer financing that fits your financial situation. Even if you have had credit problems in the past, we'll help you get into a reliable vehicle. Our finance team can provide various loans and customize one to fit your needs.

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You can start the process online by filling out a finance application. Once you're approved, we'll let you know how much you have to work with. You can pick out a vehicle that fits you, and we'll help you get into it often the same day. We aim to make this a hassle-free transaction to help you have a pleasant car-buying experience.

You can even buy a vehicle from Premier Autos of Dallas without coming to our dealership. Just find your vehicle online through our website, fill out the credit application for financing, and sign the paperwork through email. We make it easy to make your preferred vehicle your own, so you can drive away in style and comfort.

With a vast selection of quality used vehicles, Premier Autos of Dallas will help you find the right model for you. Let us help you get into a vehicle you can count on with payments you can afford.