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Lexus is the recognized luxury brand under the Toyota name. This company brings the reliability of Toyota coupled with the image of elegance and sophistication to the Lexus models. Buyers can choose from sedans, SUV, coupes, and convertibles to fit their personality.

The History of Lexus

Lexus first began as a special corporate project in 1983. This project worked to develop and launch the Lexis LS in 1989. It followed with other models within the division but under the Toyota name. It was 2005 before Lexus became its own brand.

During the corporate project timeline, designers came to the US to learn of the lifestyle of the upper class in America. They rented a place in California, in Laguna Beach where they studied the tastes of those consumers who would be most interested in buying a luxury car. During the development of the brand, the slogan was developed, which was "The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection."

The first sports coupe was launched a year after the initial Lexus model in 1991, the SC 400. By the end of the year, Lexus had reached the top as the premium car import to the U.S. More models were released with the brand reaching a milestone of 2 million sales in the U.S. in 2004.

It was in 2005 that Lexus separated from Toyota with its own engineering, design, training, and manufacturing segments. While the U.S. held the highest portion of the Lexus market, the brand began focusing on expanding around the world by creating global models for international release.

The Brand

Lexus has developed a full range of models to suit various kinds of drivers. Sedans have been developed to fit in classes from compact to mid-size to full-size. The company also has its own two-door coupe and has built convertible models in the past. SUV's have also fared well with this brand from compact to full-size. Hybrid models are also a hit for the eco-conscious buyer. The most popular line for Lexus is the F marque line.

Emphasis in design focuses on specific standards. Designers and developers are familiar with the acronym IDEAL, which is Impressive, Dynamic, Elegant, Advanced, and Lasting. Current models include sedans like the LS and LC which offer premier sports car style. Even the SUVs showcase their sporty side with dynamic design and an athletic profile, such as the RX, UX, and LX. Hybrid versions of the most popular models ensure brand appeal to a wide audience. For the ultimate sports car enthusiast within the luxury category, Lexus also showcases the LC and RC. Under the performance division, you'll find models such as the RC F and GS F for an exhilarating ride.

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