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Genesis Motor is the newest addition to the luxury automobile category under the Hyundai-Kia banner. With models being developed for the South Korea, US, China, and Middle East markets, the brand hopes to captivate drivers looking for sophistication and comfort. Plans are in progress to focus on European markets in the future as well.

The Brand

The South Korean company creates models that reflect the traditional and modern emphasis of the Korean culture. Premium craftsmanship combines with ultra-modern style to develop models like the G90 and G80, which have already been launched under the brand. G70 is the next to make its debut, followed by other models to appeal to a range of drivers and buyers.

The creative team behind Genesis recognize that modern drivers view luxury differently than their parents and grandparents. Many of the current amenities and features fail to impress Millennials and other drivers. The goal of Genesis is to develop vehicles that resonate with those drivers and give them the definition of luxury that meets and exceeds their expectations.

The History of Genesis

Genesis developed as a brand before becoming a stand-alone company. First introduced as the Hyundai Genesis, the sedan went from launching a single model to building a company. The brand was announced as its own company in November 2015 with the launch of the Genesis G90.

The first concept came about in 2003 with the first model introduced in 2007. It was recognized as a modern rear-wheel drive car, a sports sedan that offered luxury and performance. The flagship model was introduced in December of 2015 with the introduction of the G90. In late 2016, Genesis came to the US with the G90 and G80. The first SUV made its debut in January 2020 with the GV80.

The G90 is a modern interpretation of the Hyundai Equus while the G80 pays tribute to the Hyundai Genesis. The G90 has already undergone its first facelift in 2018. This young company has already made its mark in the automotive industry by ranking second on JD Power's Initial Quality Study in 2019. It also pushed Audi aside in Consumer Reports' list of automotive brands. Those tests were based on safety tests, owner satisfaction, road tests, and reliability.

Plans are in place to add SUVs and a coupe to the brand as well as further building out the company separate from Hyundai. Genesis aims to compete in the luxury market by being different from anything else out there.

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