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Ford has been a leader in the auto industry for many years. Several of the models are household names, like the Ford Mustang and Ford F-150. While the company produces a full lineup of vehicles, it's best known for its Ford trucks, which have rated at the top of numerous lists for years.

The History of Ford

Henry Ford founded the Henry Ford Company, and his name is synonymous with automobiles. Many people credit him with creating the auto even though others had actually developed earlier prototypes and components for the modern vehicle before him.

Ford established his company in 1901, but it wasn't launched until 1903. Interestingly, two of the original investors were John and Horace Dodge, who would later start up their own vehicle company. The company began in Michigan where its headquarters remain.

In the beginning, just a few vehicles were built in one day with several people working on the various parts. Ford is credited with developing the assembly line idea for work completion. Another unique feature about this company is that it is still owned today by the Ford family and has been a family-owned company for more than 100 years.

The earliest vehicles under the Ford Motor Company were known by letters. There was the Model A, along with B, C, F, and more. Several hundred or even a thousand of these vehicles were sold in a year. The most popular vehicle of that time was the Model T, which was developed in 1908. In the next 20 years, millions of these vehicles would be sold.

The Model A would replace the Model T in 1927. It became the first vehicle to have a safety glass for the windshield. The first V8 engine was built in 1932 by Ford's company.

Ford expanded its vehicles by adding the first Mercury in 1939. It had a higher price and appealed to a different buyer. Henry Ford added to his company in 1922 by purchasing the Lincoln Motor Company. By adding Lincolns to the lineup, Ford could compete with Cadillac and other luxury brands.

The company expanded into Russia and Germany with subsidiaries that produced vehicles and helped the country's economy and industrialization. In those early days, Ford often led the way with new ideas and innovation. For instance, Ford was the first to introduce rear seatbelts in a car and a retractable hardtop on a six-seat vehicle.

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A used vehicle can be a great deal if you're looking to save money and still have reliable transportation. Used models are often much cheaper than the new version because you don't have to pay for depreciation.

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