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Premier Autos Of Dallas – Wiper Blades

When you think about all the essential items on your car, truck, or SUV that can wear out, this list can get relatively long. However, few of those items are as essential to your safety as wiper blades. Sure, you rely on them when driving in the rain. It is not even a conscious thought to reach down and turn them on. But you might be surprised at how many times you reach for the wipers, even when the weather is clear.

That Morning Or Afternoon Glare

Most drivers are not as conscientious as we should be about keeping the windshield clean and clear of dirt and dust. But the moment you head east in the early morning or west in the afternoon, you see every speck of dirt and dust on the windshield. And without even thinking, you reach up and hit the wiper lever to remove the mess impairing your vision and safety.

A few squirts of windshield cleaner and a few swipes of the wiper blades, and you can see more clearly again unless you have not had those old, worm-out blades replaced. If that is the case, you are now facing more smears and streaks than you had before and even more issues seeing clearly through the windshield. Sadly, for the very reasonable cost of new wiper blades, you are placing your safety at risk and that of any passengers in your vehicle.

Stop into Premier Auto of Dallas for wiper blade replacement with the ideal choice for your make and model to eliminate this safety hazard. Our expert technicians can have the old blades off and new ones installed in just minutes. And you can save a few extra bucks by visiting our coupon page to request a mobile coupon.

Why Choose Premier Autos Of Dallas For Wiper Blades?

If you have recently visited a generic automotive parts store, you might have been shocked to learn that there are hundreds of kinds and sizes of wiper blades out there. But only a very few selections are made to precisely fit your vehicle. And even more important, there are only a few that have earned the right to be recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. All of the others are lower quality and do not meet the specifications of the wiper blades installed on your vehicle when it was made.

That means you could be driving down the road only to find that the almost new blades have deteriorated or are ill-fitting and creating costly gouges in your windshield. However, when you trust the team at Premier Autos Of Dallas, our experts will select and install the OEM parts specified for your vehicle and needs. Just let our team know if you would like an upgraded option with multiple blade surfaces for more wiping power and a crystal clear windshield or the traditional single blade.

Call (855) 790-4042 or stop by the Premier Autos of Dallas Service Department at 15100 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001 for fast and dependable wiper blade replacement.