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Engine Air Filter Service At Premier Autos Of Dallas

Has it been a while since you’ve taken your vehicle in for some routine maintenance? Even if you keep up with your vehicle’s oil changes, tire maintenance, and brake service, you might still be missing an important part of vehicle maintenance. Another way to maintain your vehicle and protect its engine is through engine air filter service. If you’d like to get your engine air filter inspected or replaced near Austin and Fort Worth, call or visit Premier Autos of Dallas. Our service department in Addison, TX, is where you can find quality service and repairs that fit your budget, including engine air filter service. Give us a call to learn more or use our online service scheduler if you’re ready to make your service appointment today.

What Is the Purpose of an Engine Air Filter?

The goal of a vehicle’s air filter is to protect the engine by trapping harmful materials before they can reach the engine and damage its parts. As you can imagine, if a filter doesn’t get cleaned or replaced, harmful materials such as dirt and dust will accumulate on the filter. This causes it to become less effective, which in turn puts your engine at a higher risk for damage and excessive wear and tear.

Signs That Your Engine Air Filter Should Be Replaced

Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer for how often drivers should service the different systems in a vehicle. A good rule of thumb is to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information about its maintenance. Our technicians at Premier Autos of Dallas’ service department are familiar with manufacturers’ recommendations, so you can always give us a call or stop by if you need advice. It’s still a good idea to learn about the different signs of a clogged engine air filter, regardless of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Here are some of the common signs of a dirty or ineffective air filter:
• Your vehicle’s acceleration is sluggish
• You notice black smoke coming from your vehicle’s exhaust
• Your check engine light is on

If you notice any of these signs, or anything else unusual with your vehicle, you should schedule an inspection to get to the bottom of what’s causing the problem. A quick inspection of your air filter will let our technicians know if it needs to be replaced.

The Importance of Having a Clean Engine Air Filter

As we mentioned above, your vehicle’s air filter has the important job of protecting your engine. Another reason why it’s important to keep your air filter clean is that it keeps your vehicle performing at its best. No one wants to experience sluggish acceleration, and replacing your air filter at the appropriate time will help you prevent it. Also, a dirty, clogged air filter can have a negative impact on your gas mileage which is another good reason why you’ll want to keep it clean.

You can find great deals on your vehicle’s care and maintenance by taking advantage of our service and parts specials at Premier Autos of Dallas.