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Conversion Vans at Premier Autos of Dallas

Conversion vans offer practicality and function for all kinds of buyers. They are popular with businesses that need extra seating, such as for a taxi or shuttle. This full-size cargo van can also be fitted for service businesses, such as an electrician or plumber with racks and shelves to hold supplies and tools.

History of Conversion Vans

These vans were first developed in the 1960s. They were mainly used as campers with a gas stove, tables, and a place to sleep. Murals might be painted on the sides by the 1970s. Luxury was added to the conversion vans in the 1980s with padded seats and wood trim. Among other amenities.

Conversion vans lost some of their popularity as gas prices began to rise. Minivans and sport utility vehicles were developed to meet the needs of families. However, they continue to sell to large families and businesses even today.

Types of Conversion Vans

The main difference in these vans is whether they have a low top or high top. Low-top roofs kept a factory standard roof, but they are less popular than high-top vans.

High-top vans have a raised roof, allowing the person to stand up without needing to bend over. The high roof is ideal for extra storage, often used to mount a TV and DVD player.

Standard conversion vans are used as a family or travel van. They offer both low and high tops and accommodates up to seven passengers with a rear bench seat and four captain’s chairs. The bench seat may fold into a bed while the windows often have shades for privacy. TVs with gaming systems are popular in these vans today.

Disability vans use the high-top roof to make it easy for wheelchairs to move inside with proper head clearance. Either the side or rear doors will have a functional lift for the wheelchair to access the cabin.

Office vans include a small office in the rear area with a desk and chair bolted to the floor. There may be one or two rear seats for passengers and power outlets for electronics. Motorhomes are customized for travelers with a fridge, microwave, sink, toilet, sofa, and a popup top to allow passengers to stand up and move around.

Shuttle vans have multiple seat configurations to accommodate more passengers. They are often used as limousines, school buses, airport buses, and taxis. Commercial vans are used with customized interiors to accommodate the needs of the business. Adventure vans are converted to allow passengers to experience their own adventures with sleeping arrangements for as many as five people. They may include a kitchenette and shower while others are often more basic.

A variety of commercial vans are used as conversion vans. They can be adapted and customized to fit the various needs of the buyer.

If you are interested in learning more about how a conversion van can meet your needs or want to see one in person, stop by Premier Autos of Dallas for a test drive.