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A/C Service at Premier Autos of Dallas

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is one of your vehicle’s most complicated systems but is necessary to help moderate the temperature inside of your vehicle's cabin. In the summer, this can be a huge temperature difference and can often be the difference of whether your vehicle’s temperature is tolerable. In the winter months, A/C systems in your vehicle can help manage moisture and moisture buildup, even when it's cold outside. Many modern vehicles have amazingly reliable air conditioning systems, and while maintenance and inspections are a necessity, many major issues arise within manufacturing deficiencies. Premier Auto of Dallas takes your air conditioning needs seriously, and invite everyone from Austin,Fort Worth, and Dallas to visit our service center.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems can be found in vehicles new and old, and throughout the years the principles behind the process have stayed very similar although streamlined to be much more efficient than they used to be. Air conditioning systems contain several components that include a condenser, compressor, dryer, metering device, evaporator, and refrigerants that cycle through the system. Air conditioning systems help to change the physical state of the refrigerants circulating and help to absorb warm air and moisture floating around inside your vehicle. Each piece plays a key part in keeping your vehicle cool.

When is it time for Air Conditioning Repair

There are several signs that your air conditioner is falling into disrepair and not functioning optimally and is in need of repair. If hot air is blowing in through your air vents, it could be a sign that your refrigerant isn’t cycling properly, or that it has been mixed with water which causes a potentially corrosive substance. Another way to tell that your air conditioning system may not be working properly is if you notice a weird smell, which can often mean that mold is beginning to build up, water is blocking your refrigerant path, or your cabin air filter is damp. When you’re air conditioning is on, make sure to take note of the airflow, as weak or slow airflow can be a sign that your air conditioning system is blocked by debris, or that your blower motor is starting to fail.

Air Conditioning Services at Premiere Auto of Dallas

Consider getting your air conditioning inspected once every year in conjunction with a routine visit, or accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturing recommendations.  For repairs, modern air conditioning systems generally only require minor fixes versus entire rebuilds. Air conditioning service entails an inspection and flow of major components within the system itself, as a technician monitors the airflow and controls. If an issue is found, many of the components can be replaced, along with the refrigerant that is circulating inside it.

Premiere Auto of Dallas Service Center

At Premier Auto of Dallas, we have a fully equipped service center staffed with a team of expert technicians who are well-versed in many different makes and a range of model years. We are ready for anything that may arise with your vehicle, and from minor fixes to major rebuilds our team has you covered.